Fishing has always been something I’ve enjoyed, whether I catch a fish or not. Yes, the rush of a bite with the added excitement of discovering the river monster at the end of the line is quite gratifying and makes fishing that much more enjoyable. I’ve also grown to enjoy the peacefulness of just ‘being’ in nature, being a spectator of the beautiful, dynamic living world in all its mystifying vastness.

Growing up one of my favorite pass times during the summer months was to go fishing with friends or family. As I got older, the busyness of life made it so that I seldom fished. This summer, I decided to take the time and plan a trip to Bryson Lake to do some quality fishing!

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I was accompanied by two of my friends, one of which had experience guiding at the Byson Lake Lodge. On the drive, we questioned whether or not we were heading the right way, because, as beautiful as it is, it’s all forest and lakes. You know when you’ve arrived when you drive around the last corner and encounter a big beautiful entrance that leads to the spectacular lodge and surrounded by cabins. It’s hard to comprehend that such pristine, well maintained, self-sufficient establishment exists so far into the wilderness.

We were welcomed by one of the friendliest staff that I’ve ever met. Their top priority was us having the best time possible and that we catch as many fish as we were allowed. Once they’ve ensured we got everything we would possibly need, we packed our boat and set off to start our trip.

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We first stopped at our cabin to drop off our stuff and to set up our gear for fishing. We had a charming red cabin located on a narrow island filled with blueberries. The cabin contained anything and everything you would possibly need for a longer stay. We finished setting up our gear and headed out.

We began fishing and after an hour with no luck, we decided to change areas. Once we started to troll in our new spot, we caught fish one after the other! We trolled the same line for the rest of the day with great success. In total, we caught twelve fish, all pickerel with the exception of a white sucker and a small perch. I did end up catching the most fish so an argument broke out as to whether or not I am the best fisherman of the group.

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As the sun started to set, we made our way back to the cabin. Two of us made dinner as the third cleaned whatever fish we could keep. After eating more food than we should have, we enjoyed each other’s company with laughs and stories by the bonfire until we decided it was time to go to bed.

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Unfortunately, the next morning it was raining so we didn’t get any fishing done. I wasn’t disappointed at all because I had such a great time the day before and I knew we would be back soon enough to do it again. Bryson Lake is one of the most unique and beautiful lakes I’ve ever had the privilege of visiting, which combined with the great accommodations and incredible staff really made for an unforgettable trip.

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