I don’t shop often and one could say that I’m not very good at it. Because of my lack of ability, I decided to bring in some pros for this job. So, me, my mom and her friend decided to make a day trip to Shawville to explore the local shops located in its quaint downtown.

We began the day at ArtBrulant, each with a spectacular cup of coffee, brewed from beans imported from a variety of international areas.

Energized and ready to go, we walked into our first shop, Dubeautique, a second-hand store that’s not quite a second-hand store. This beautiful store is the middle man of finding treasures in second-hand clothing, they do all the work by bringing all the elegant and gorgeous pieces to sell at their charming shop. After we all got a few articles we loved for a great price, we moved to our next shop.

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We stopped in at Château du dollar since my mom’s friend needed some supplies. The store filled with anything and everything. We went in looking for something and came out with a bunch of other stuff instead, it’s funny how that always happens to me.

We had time for one more shop before lunch, so we made our way to the White Buffalo Vintage. This store refurbishes vintage furniture and the process can be spectated from their workshop. They had many beautiful rustic pieces made from things you could find around a farm. I was blown away from the creativity and innovation they had to transform unique items into beautiful pieces.


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We ate lunch at Café 349, delicious, homemade, fresh sandwiches and soups made for a spectacular meal.

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We did some browsing at Stedmans V&S and Boutique Shaville Shooz where we picked up a few things. We split ways for a bit as I went to get a fresh cut at Angles Coiffure and my mom and her friend went shopping at Jolie Folie Boutique. We decided to wrap up the sunny day with some ice cream from Brooklyn Place and we enjoyed it at the Mill Dam Park.

I had the opportunity to talk to some of the owners throughout my day, and talking to them you can hear the excitement and passion they have for the work they do. It makes the shopping that much more meaningful knowing that these shop owners are sharing a part of something they love with whoever is fortunate to walk through their door. I’m convinced you could buy anything you need in downtown Shawville.

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